Three Things Thursday (11/10/16)

I spent a good amount of time looking at various other blogs last night and came across Ms. Emily’s Home for Full Grown Nerd who does a feature each week called Three Things Thursday.

The concept is really easy: Write about three things that are currently making your life awesome. She doesn’t even have a requirement that they be big things. I think I’m going to do a Three Things post at least once a month. If you also join in, make sure you post a comment with a link to your post from the one Ms. Emily posts each week. You even get to use this awesome badge.


Okay, enough about all that. Onto my three things for this week…

  • Blogging Again: I’m really enjoying blogging on a regular basis. Although I know I don’t have thousands of readers, it’s nice to know at least  few other knitters are out there, interested in what I’m working on. And that others are interesting in seeing what’s up with Lizzie. And others want to see about my travels. I’m also enjoying connecting with other people through their own blogs. Even though daily blogging probably isn’t for me other than my feeble attempt each November, I really want to have it become part of my regular routine.
  • Good Girls Revolt: This is an Amazon original series about women working to gain a more important role in a late 1960s news magazine. It’s a great blend of cultural and historical study combined with just enough drama (but not too much) to keep your attention. Real life people (fictionalized, of course) even make appearances (Eleanor Holmes Norton from her ACLU days, Nora Ephron, etc).
  • Fall Being Here: I know I’m repeating myself from an earlier post, but I’m happy that fall is finally here. The air is crisp and cool. The leaves have mostly changed. It’s dark not long after I get home from work. I love it because it means the holidays are soon , though I’m certainly enjoying the lack of super cold.

Fall in Virginia

It was beautiful out yesterday and I took Matt’s suggestion to take Lizzie to the park near our house. It’s got two little play sets plus swings and a zip-line type thing. She had a blast, running around, climbing up, going down slides, learning how to pump her legs while swinging, and doing lots of giggling as she hung out with a new little friend. She played, I tried to keep her from killing herself and admired the beautiful colors all around me, in the shady park.

I really enjoy living somewhere where fall is actually a thing. Not Florida’s version which just means slightly cooler weather and the mosquitoes are gone (though I loved that part of it). Not California’s fall which is finally-below-80 temperatures and onset of the – by comparison only – rainy season. The leaves actually turn colors here and fall to the ground. Temperatures play with you a little, but eventually get cooler and a jacket is no longer for just wearing in your freezing cold office (ahem).

Fall has come late this year, with only about half of the leaves having turned or fallen. We even had a day with the temps nearly hitting 80 last week. I can be patient, though, because it is just so beautiful when it gets here.

(Yes, she is wearing a dress. I asked her to put her pants back on and it was almost 70 so my “you’ll be cold” argument fell flat. Fight your battles, particularly when it comes to prep to go to the park.)

(Okay, that last picture has nothing to do with Fall but I couldn’t resist posting it because I took basically the same photo last year and she looks SO BIG in comparison. Also, she rocks shades.)

Old. New. Borrowed. True. #3


Squirms is still crawling all over everything. I’m still working on that sweater (though I may take a break from it soon here).


I got the new iPhone 6 (the small one, with more storage and the gold color); it’s so much faster than my poor old iPhone 4 that will be traded in sometime soon. I’m finally starting to admit that fall is here. The leaves are just starting to turn on some trees, it’s cool in the morning, and we got instructed by daycare to ensure we send her in warm clothes (of which she has rather few, I realized, when I went to pull them out).


Someone had a book review on their blog for the Outlander series and I decided to try it out. It’s a bit of a silly premise (woman from the 1940s walks into a Stonehenge-like rock formation and winds up in 1740s Scotland) but I’m really enjoying it. The story is well-paced with action and humor. I’m only about halfway through so it’ll be a bit until I post a formal review.


I’m horrible at keeping in touch with people once they move away, which happens all the time in an area as transient as DC. This week I saw both Matt’s cousin, Alison, and our very good friends, Ben and Melissa, which really made me realize how little I actually keep them up to date on what’s going on with us. I need to learn to write more, call more, email more. It doesn’t have to be long, just a note or call or say “hey, I miss you.”


And here’s a silly selfie of Squirms and I from the new phone…still blurry because neither of us can sit still