FO: Clapotis KAL

I finally had a chance to get a few FO photos tonight, as Matt works on well, work and Lizzie sleeps upstairs. You can’t hear it from there, but I’m singing along to a playlist of show tunes and blues standards (thanks to Pandora letting me combine two stations).

As you know, I did this as a KAL with my buddy Ana (who isn’t quite done but, again, she’s busy prepping for her thesis defense). I had a pretty chill couple of days when we first started, so I made rather quick progressed and finished in less than a week.

That’s after the first day.

This one, well, it’s only three days later.

The colors turned out wonderfully. I switched colors when I ran out of the previous one, with the exception of starting the final (bright yellow) ball when I was ready to start the decrease section.

This KAL reminded me while this was such a popular project for all those years. It’s easy to knit so not terrifying for beginners and just interesting enough to keep an experienced knitter from falling asleep. Perfect TV knitting, as they say.

I may just make another, this time in the shades of aqua I got on my trip to the NFC studios in early May.

(All of the project details are on my Ravelry.)

ClapoKAL16 – Kickoff!

Are you guys excited?


Well, I will pretend as if there are hundreds of you all out there, just itching to get started on this. I seem pretty dang pathetic, otherwise.

Tomorrow starts the first KAL I’ve ever hosted. The pattern is the very popular Clapotis – a drop-stitch scarf knit on the bias, designed to hearken back to the great scarves French women wear nearly year-round. (And, yes, they really do – I’ve bought a scarf every time I’ve gone to French, mostly to attempt to fit in better.)

What You’ll Need

In case you’re one of the 100 people who’ve never knit it before, here are the pattern requirements for Clapotis:

  • 815 yards of Worsted weight – original pattern was in a single-ply wool
  • Needle size US 8 (or size needed to obtain gauge, not that it’s particularly important)
  • 18 (yes – 18!) stitch markers

The pattern, as written, winds up at a size of 21″ x 55″ which is rather wide but not quite as long as a typical scarf for the average women (usually about 65″).

Helpful Resources

Oh! Before we get started, here’s two great resources if you face issues with the construction or following the pattern:

  • Ravelry group about Clapotis – it’s been dormant for awhile but you’ll still find some excellent tips
  • Google Docs folder for an Excel and PDF tracker/cheat sheet version of the pattern (I’m going to use the PDF, as I did for my other version of this scarf)


My Version
I decided to use the rest of the gradient kit from Neighborhood Fiber Company. Isn’t it pretty? Plan is to start with the dark orange then proceed in order, ending with the lighter yellow. I have more yardage than called for, so I’m probably going to keep the width but make it longer. (I’ll share my plan for making sure I have enough for the last section in a later post.)

(Weird picture because today was our first day of mostly sunlight in, oh, two weeks, and I really wanted to get the photo out of the way so I could get out of the house and enjoy the sun.)

Getting Started

The scarf is done in three sections – increase section, straight section, and decrease section. You start with only two stitches then increase one stitch per row, at the end of the row. Make sure you read the helpful tip about when to twist stitches.

So, go on – get started! I won’t tell if you start before Midnight in your timezone. This is just for fun, afterall. If you decide to join me, tag your project/post/photo/whatever with #clapokal16.

Next week…my progress!

Clapto-KAL 2016

The other day, I was stalking my friend Ana’s Ravelry feed and saw that she had queued up Clapotis. I hadn’t thought about the pattern since about 2008, when I was a baby knitter and the pattern was absolutely terrifying to me. I had to use someone’s cheat sheet for tracking rows, I was so confused. I wound up making a total of three of them back then and, well, forgot about the pattern entirely.

Clapotis Deux - WIP Pics
(The best photos of that last Clapotis, made for my friend, Erin.)

But, suddenly, I really want to make it again. I reached out to Ana and, after admitting my stalkerish tendencies, asked if she wanted to do it as a KAL. She, unlike me, has not forgotten about the pattern, having now completed four of them to thank her thesis committee.

So, want to join us? We’ll start May 15th. I’ll try to post here every week or so on my progress; I won’t sign up Ana for anything as, well, she’s working on a thesis and probably overly sick of words at this point.

If you join us, tag your projects or Instagram photos or whatever with #clapoKAL16. And here’s a little icon-y thing you can use, if you’d like.