Huntley Meadows

Yesterday was beautiful. It was about 40 degrees in the morning but nearly 70 by the middle of the afternoon. After getting veggies, dairy, and our turkey at the farmer’s market for Thanksgiving, Matt thought we could enjoy the weather by visiting Huntley Meadows, a protected wildlife area just off US 1 in the Fairfax County part of Alexandria.

It was really pretty, though you can imagine how much prettier it would have been a few weeks ago before most of the leaves came off the trees. It’s a peaceful place, save for everyone’s little kids they’d brought along. (Lizzie, for example, went into a total fit after she learned that not all parks have playgrounds.)

Matt had his camera and fancy telephoto lens with him. I was on Lizzie Wrangling Duty and snapped some photos using my phone when she was busy looking the plants and critters. These, as I’m sure is obvious, are all my photos.

Bluebell Festival

Apparently Virginia is famous for its bluebells, a wildflower that blooms in the middle of Spring, especially near the Potomac. A former coworker of Matt’s indicated her interest in the Bluebells at the Bend Festival and we decided to see what it was all about when my parents were in town the weekend before last.


The festival is put on by the Fairfax County Parks AssociationĀ and held at Riverbend Park just down the street from Great Falls. The cost was only $5 for each person, with some small feeĀ for older kids. There were lots of activities for little kids – magnet fishing, face painting, and nature walks, to name a few. A couple vendors sold food, drinks, crafts, and advertised for themselves.

We all enjoyed walking around the vendors and enjoying the activities, but Lizzie really enjoyed the walk along the path

…and picking up sticks

…and throwing dirt into the river.

The bluebells were everywhere but we also saw some other types of wildflowers and trees and plants, even a few birds.