Squirmy Sunday #1

(I almost forgot about Squirmy Sunday and it’s a special “someone is now 9 months old!” edition. VERY pic heavy post.)

I spent a few hours this morning going through all of my photos I took of Squirms in August and it made me realize just how much has changed in the last month.

At the beginning of the month, she could barely sit up, mostly leaning over on her legs to stabilize herself.


Now, she sits up on her own, no problem. (Though she still hasn’t figure out how to get herself into the position, though she’s working on it.)


She started to want to stand up (with help) after we randomly stood her up against the coffee table one evening.


She went from eating purees almost exclusively…


To sitting in a shiny, new booster seat (yeah, that one) and eating some of our dinner (not pictured)


…and sitting her a booster seat when we’re eating lunch or dinner out


She had her first trip to the beach…

..and (sort of) enjoyed being on a floatie in my parents’ pool


I can’t believe she’s 9 months old – both that she’s already this big and that she’s only been in our lives that long