Old. New. Borrowed. True. #4

(It’s been awhile since I’ve done this so pardon the tons of very short responses I came up with.)

Old: Squirms is high energy. I continue to be a test engineer. I’m writing lots of letters (over 100 so far in 2015). I lost a total of 25 pounds (but have forgotten my diet entirely the last two months or so).

New: Matt started a new job a few weeks ago – he’s really enjoying it, especially their beer + video games happy hour. on Fridays I’ve switched from knitting baby stuff and sweaters to socks, in accordance with my usual spring transition.

Borrowed: We tried spaghetti squash – it’s disgusting. I took an off-handed comment from a coworker to heart and am going to take a software development class or two this next year (maybe as soon as this summer).

True: I really should get more sleep at night – there is really no need to stay up as late as I do. Writing makes me happy. I need to buy more work clothes and fewer supplies for yet another craft I won’t stick with. Coffee is awesome and cheap if I make it at home.

Oh, uh, here’s…a recent photo of Squirms to tide you all over until a big update coming Sunday.

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