Park Traditions

We spent the weekend in Shenandoah National Park, one of our favorite places to visit. It’s only about two hours from the house to the northern entrance and has lots to see and do, no matter how much you may want to walk (even if that’s not at all). As we go about twice a year, we’ve got quite a few traditions for our visits.

We usually enter the park at the northern most entrance and make our way down to Skyland or Big Meadows, stopping at overlooks that seem appealing. This time, it was quite foggy as we drove in, so we skipped said overlooks.

We always take at least one short hike a day. Since Lizzie was born, she’s ridden in her hiking pack/carrier for this hike.

Her Grandpa came with us on our first hike. (Matt and he also went on another, as Lizzie napped under Mom-Mom’s watchful eye and I sat in the car and knit – stupid bum hip was acting up again.)

She also walked for a good bit of the hike, probably about a half of a mile of it. She loved when Matt found her this great walking stick.

Matt took lots of photos as we went and when we got to the destination, a small stream this time.

Matt typically has two blackberry sundaes a day. Lizzie, being very much his little girl, has a tradition of stealing some of each of those sundaes. This time, Mom-Mom was available to steal ice cream from.

Last night, we left Lizzie with Mom-Mom again for her bath and bedtime to find a great spot to capture the sunset. This was a tradition we carried over from our trips to Yosemite when we lived in California.

I can’t wait to get back there again in October, where we can continue these or make some new traditions.