Things I Would Tweet

I used to have a Twitter account. Well, I still do, but it’s just used to let you all know when I wrote a blog post. Almost none of my real-life friends were on it and those who were, they post to Facebook more often. And, well, I only have so much time everyday to check social media and can barely keep up with Instagram – where I mostly follow strangers who make pretty things – and Facebook – where I’ve got friends/family plus a random sampling of companies/causes/organizations I follow. I’d get to the end of a day, have time to check Twitter, and have 100s of tweets I’d missed and, despite the short character limit, it was daunting. So, yeah, Twitter isn’t (wasn’t?) for me.

That said, I have had a lot of thoughts lately which would be well-suited for tweets, if I ever were to actually tweet again. I decided to start tracking these throughout the day. (And, before you start reading, I know it’s like I’m channeling Jenny Lawson. It’s because I’m listening to her audiobook right now, so my internal voice sounds like her right now. It happens when I get overexposed to one person’s voice and/or writing. It’ll be over, soon enough, and I’ll be back to writing like me.)

Anyway, here’s what I recorded over a 48 hour period worth of collecting Twitter-style thoughts (well, collected the subjects, just wrote them up into tweet here):

  • I think I just had the adult version of Bagel Bites for lunch. Next time, I’m just going to buy those and skip the fancy organic version.
  • This guy’s hair reminds me of Beiber, but he’s in his 50s so it’s both funny and awesome that he can do that with his hair.
  • Just watched the episode of Ally McBeal where she picks a personal theme song. Couldn’t think of one for myself besides “I’m a little teapot.”
  • My ballet teacher is trying to kill me. New routines each week after I didn’t even learn the ones last week. At least I know it’s a good workout and the new stuff makes the time go by really fast.
  • Gel nail polish is really nice and shiny. But it’s too easy to peel off when you get bored on a conference call. (But does come all the way off in big pieces.)
  • Loving listening to audiobooks on my commute, though it does make me want to stay in the car longer after I arrive somewhere. Wish there was a well to tell where you are in a given chapter in the Overdrive app.
  • Lizzie doesn’t like the cowl I started for her. “No holes.” Searching for a textured pattern now. Any suggestions? Have looked at Rav search far too many times.
  • Why does the rec center have so few drawing/painting classes outside of normal work hours? People with jobs want to be creative, too.
  • May not do ballet next term but try Bollywood or bellydance. Matt laughed more at these possibilities than when I first signed up for ballet at Mason.
  • Work goals for 2017 include mentoring a junior engineer. Harder than you’d think, mostly because I’m about the most junior person in my entire group.
  • Used the word “awesomesauce” with an important customer today. Thankfully, he laughed and didn’t (just) think I’m totally weird.
  • I cannot wave in a way that is not totally awkward. Like a giddy fourth grader who just saw her crush.
  • Where did the names “stockinette” and “garter” come from, anyway?

September Goal Wrap-Up

I did decently well at accomplishing my goals. They were a bit of a stretch, as I’d like them to continue to be, so I won’t beat myself up for what I didn’t complete.

1. Blog at least four times a week.

I’ve blogged every day this month except for three days which is really quite amazing now that work has really ramped up again and I’m having to pay much more attention to Squirms now that she’s crawling.

2. Go on two photo walks.

I only really went on one and it wasn’t that planned. We went into DC to go to the Turkish Festival and, like always, brought a camera with us, just in case. We wound up taking a 3 or so mile walk to see the monuments. I’ve got a bunch of photos between the ones I took on my phone and the ones Matt took using his camera that I still need to go through. It’s still September so maybe I’ll take  Squirms for a little photo walk around the neighborhood while Matt’s making dinner.

3. Spend an hour a week commenting on others’ blogs.

I was great the first two or so weeks of the month then my commenting (and blog reading) fell to the wayside as life got busier. I chose to use my free time to read or knit rather than comment on blogs. Hoping next month to get back to it by setting aside some time on weekends.

4. Decide on whether to start a Facebook page for this blog. If so, start one and tell friends and family about it.

I already talked about the page I set up and asked you all and some friends/family to go like it. I’m at 17 likes at last count – no mega following or anything but, hey, everyone starts somewhere.