WIP Wednesday : Déjà Vu

My knitting seems to constantly repeat itself. This past week is the perfect example. Last week, I was so hopeful. My sweater for myself was going well and I had started on a dress for Lizzie. But, as I pointed out in our chat over coffee just the next day, the sweater doesn’t fit and I started a hat. (The hat is now an FO so it’ll show up here later. Or not at all as it’s, well, a basic ribbed hat.) And I haven’t felt like working on Lizzie’s dress which I feel guilty about but I’ll get over it.

That’s my pattern: Make lots of progress on a sweater, then it screeches to a halt. Start something boring and basic then finish it. Then make something that’s a bit more exciting but nothing too out of my comfort zone.

Alas, that’s exactly what’s happened. My only current WIP actively being worked is a pair of Monkey socks for my mother-in-law. I made her a pair of socks several years ago and she still wears them all the time, falling apart as they are.

These are very comfortable knitting. It’s a pattern I’ve made a handful of times, in a yarn I’ve used many times, as well (NFC Studio Sock). Great watching-TV-with-Lizzie knitting or riding-in-the-car knitting or even my-computer-takes-too-long-to-log-in knitting.

Déjà vu ain’t always a bad thing.

Knitting FO: D-Man Socks for the T-Man

I finally managed to finish a knitting project! I started this awhile back for a friend of the family facing some difficult times and was hoping to have them done for him in mid-November but, yeah, didn’t happen. I was great about getting the first sock done but quickly fizzled out on the second. Second Sock Syndrome strikes again. I’ve got to learn to leave the very last part of a sock for a new day, as I’ll still have enough energy that same day to start on the second one. Once I’ve got the toe done, I can usually force myself to continue working on the second sock.

Thankfully, I was able to use the holiday break to pick up and finish that second sock, casting off justtt before we headed from my parents’ house to St Augustine – great because I finished it, not so great as I didn’t think to bring another project along and the car ride and quiet evenings in the hotel room would have been perfect for knitting.

The pattern was easily memorized after a bit and produced a nice textured fabric. I know he’s going to like the finished project as his dad already showed him the photos of the first sock. I’m going to toss them in the mail sometime next week – or whenever I can make it to the post office – as I’m not sure when we’ll be seeing his parents again. At least I got them finished when it’s still very much winter so he’ll get plenty of use out of them in the coming months.

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Pattern: D-Man by Karen S. Lauger (Rav link – free pattern!)

Size made: 72 stitches total – or size M

Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply (100% merino)

Amount used: about 90% of one hank (so 360ish yards)

Project Started: 28 October 2014

Project Completed: 28 December 2014

Modifications: None really, other than doing them toe up. I started with 16 stitches via magic cast on, worked my way up to the required 36, did 6 pattern repeats to produce a sock for a men’s size 10 foot, did a slipped stitch heel (which I had to redo on the first sock after I forgot to actually slip every other stitch, 5 pattern repeats for the leg, then 8 rows of 1×1 ribbing before binding off.


It’s Saturday and Matt took Squirms with him to the farmer’s market, so you’d think I had tons of time and inspiration to write. And I do – just, it’s nothing that’s complete in any sort of way that I can post it. Instead, I bring you an update on my current WIP.

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It’s the socks I started ten or so days ago. The pattern is pretty simple, just knits and purls but it took until I got to the heel (these were done toe-up) to actually memorize it. And I was good and started the second sock right away, so I didn’t put it off. Because, as we all know, second of anything takes lots of motivation to complete.

WIP Wednesday #3

I actually have a few things to show off this week, so instead of “I can’t show you my WIP” or “I made no progress on that old WIP” – actual progress! You won’t see Squirms’ Halloween costume until after Halloween, though I did manage to start and actually complete both parts of it since my last WIP Wednesday post. But, like I said, you’ll see more about that later. For now, I’ve got sweater progress and a new WIP to show off.

Since my last post, I knit the sleeves, sewed the sleeves together (yes, you knit them flat, which I love – until the seaming part), sewed the armholes together, and add the neckline. All that’s left is to actually sew the sleeves into place which I’ll get to one of these days – maybe tomorrow night after dinner if we are watching a TV show that’s interesting enough to distract me from the agony of seaming but not so interesting I can’t concentrate.

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My other WIP I just started last night. It’s a pair of socks for a family friend who could use a bit of a pick-me-up. I got the yarn the last time I went yarn shopping (late September?) and it’s Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in a colorway called Puss in Boots. I love the combo of black, white, yellow, and orange. The pattern is just a knit/purl pattern but looks really neat when it’s all stacked up on top of itself. (It’s called D-man Socks and was designed by Karen Lauger – you may recognize her as the designer of the chalice baby blanket.)

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One of my planned posts for November is to dive into my stash bins to not only show you what yarn I’ve got in there, but to openly admit what long-term WIPs are still languishing – knitting and otherwise. Eeep!