Old. New. Borrowed. True. #2


Squirms is really loving eating real food, especially crackers. And her crawling continues to get better and faster. I’m restarting an old habit of drinking lots of water, thanks to sitting close to a water purifier at work again. I’m still writing a bit though not nearly as much as the few weeks prior.


I’m getting back into knitting again, though I can’t do it for very long at a stretch not because of time availability but my hands start to hurt like crazy. The sudden knitting interest again is due to a present from Matt and my parents that I have yet to actually put to use. (Need to get it all set up so I can take a photo to show off.)


I stole from day care the idea of giving Squirms crackers and she IN LOVE. Not the healthiest thing ever but she loves breaking them into a thousand pieces. (Excuse the cat hair on the carpet below her, it’s a daily battle to keep up with it.)



I need at least some alone time everyday and need more than I think. I need to learn to simply ask Matt to watch Squirms so I can get that time, either at home or outside of it.