Weekend Coffee Share (12/3-12/4)

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share, courtesy of Part Time Monster. It’s called Weekend Coffee Share. You write what you’d say to a friend if you were having coffee on a weekend afternoon; what’s going on in your life and/or what’s on your mind.

(Just a note: I’m really rambly tonight. I’d like to think it’s because I’m typing, rather than talking. Don’t think I’d make anyone sit through all this in person.)

If we were having coffee, I’d whine about how exhausted I am. The week wasn’t too bad, just the two last two days were super crazy.

Yesterday evening was Lizzie’s party which meant the whole day was spent explaining to Lizzie that it wasn’t time for her party yet (“Friends here yet?” “Cake yet?”), distracting her from the party prep progress Matt was making, and, when she finally went down for a nap, working on putting up decorations and readying paper goods. In the morning, we went to two different grocery stores then Walgreens, all in a combined attempt to kill time until a reasonable lunch hour and get some things for folks’ stockings. Lunch from Popeye’s and that blessed nap. Her party was fun but chaotic. I crashed by nine.

This morning, Matt wasn’t feeling well (sore throat, low grade fever), so he texted me when she was up. I sleep downstairs when one of us is sick or he wants to go to bed early (or, you know, I want to stay up to knit longer). So I went up a bit after seven and grabbed her. Did the usual snuggle routine while watching cartoons. Eventually Matt came downstairs and I made us breakfast – eggs, bacon, toast.

It was clear that I needed to let Matt sleep (or at least rest) and that meant getting Lizzie out of the house. We decided we’d try Tyson’s Corner. [It’s the largest mall in the area, for those not from around here. If you can name a brand, there’s probably a store for it there. It’s crowded on a typical weekend day.] It’d just opened for the day and it’s still quite awhile before Christmas. Snagged a spot at the top of the parking garage, after Lizzie insisted we park outside.

Things were going OK after we grabbed some lunch. Then, the escalator tried to eat her or something. Thankfully, I didn’t wind up going down without her because a stranger carefully put her onto the step behind me then held the folded-up stroller while I calmed her (Lizzie, that is) down. One of the first times I ever heard her say she was scared.

She stared at Santa between the fake trees. We went up the elevator, she freaked out for some reason, so we went back down. Then it was back out to the car (“Leave mall, pwease”). Less than an hour.

But, she didn’t want to go home. “One more store.” My mind raced and I picked a big shopping center not super far away. She, of course, crashed in the car and was still asleep when we got there. I, on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to find a restroom. One quick photo FB post and I got her out to go into the first store I knew had a restroom.

We wound up getting gift boxes (only $2!) and more gift bags at Michaels then she was obviously done so we went home. I somehow managed to convince her to play with the Play Dough set someone had given her for her birthday up in her room. Which lasted until just before Matt decided to bring our Christmas tree inside. (His dad had brought it down the day before in his truck, from whatever farm in Pennsylvania he picked to buy from this year. I’m sure he told us where and what kind, I just sort of nod along.)

Jostled to get her to be out of our path. Got the tree up, lights and ornaments on. Lots of “Lizzie, be careful” and “No, there are still ornaments in that box” later, that is. Oh, and she has our old, fake tree in her bedroom now. The top set of lights don’t work but she put her little felt ornaments all over it and it looks half decent. She loves it, which is what matters.

Decided we didn’t want our first plan for dinner so ordered Chinese food. I stupidly got out the plates and silverwear way, way too early. So lots of Lizzie almost poking herself in the eye with chopsticks and whining for food. Food came, mess was made, eventually trash collected and leftovers put away.

She begged to watch Curious George so we popped in the first DVD. Her dad wanted a lollipop so she had one, too. Except they’re homemade and didn’t set right so they didn’t stay on the sticks, really. Sticky mess. She handed hers to me so I assumed she was done and tossed it. Minor tantrum and cleanup of sticky hands later and had a new “pop.” Which she bit into, of course, and got stuck to her teeth. So she ate most of her dad’s popsicle (yeah, lollipop and popsicle in one night, one of those evenings for us all).

And now she’s asleep. Part of me just wants to climb into bed now. Part of me wants to stay awake and watch what I want on TV or knit or whatever. All of me is happy I got so much Lizzie Time…and happy I’ll get a break from her tomorrow.

Weekend Coffee Share (19-20 Nov)

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share, courtesy of Part Time Monster. It’s called Weekend Coffee Share. You write what you’d say to a friend if you were having coffee on a weekend afternoon; what’s going on in your life and/or what’s on your mind.

Let’s get started.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d start by talking about how I’m happy we’ve met up to drink coffee because, yet again, I have failed at making coffee at home. I have a basic pour-over system and, despite measuring the coffee exactly, it turned out rather blah. I would blame the coffee itself because it’s a new-to-me kind, but I know it’s really me. Maybe pouring the hot water directly from our electric kettle isn’t the best idea? Makes me long for my old French press. I have coffee a few times a week at work but use the Keurig and the neat refillable K-cups my brother got me for my birthday (he got me these ones).

I’d tell you about how we had a really busy day this morning. Lizzie started asking for us around 6:30 and we finally gave in and got her up about 45 minutes later. We all got ready for the day, had cereal for breakfast, and went to the market. Matt picked up his pre-ordered turkey from Bev (of Eco Friendly Foods) plus got lots of other things for Thanksgiving dinner. I also got coffee there from Qualia, as per my usual routine. The fridge, much to my surprise, wasn’t super full after we put everything in it.

Then we went to a really cool place to take photos. I would show you photos of the place, partly because I wanted to show them to you and partly because I couldn’t remember the name of the place without looking at the photo I took of the sign. (As an aside, I’m going to share the photos I took there and some more info about it tomorrow.)

At that point, we were all cranky-hungry so we went just a little down US 1 to La Mexicana. We really need to go there more often. The food is really good. I spend the whole time waiting for our order drooling at their baked goods. I got my usual chicken quesadilla, Matt tried their carnitas burrito, and Lizzie demolished her plate of rice and beans.

We had thought Home Goods was south of there, but it had moved north. I got some Christmas gifts for folks then took Lizzie next door so Matt could check out in peace and we could start walking through the party store to pick out Lizzie’s party theme. First, she wanted Thomas but a Mickey Mouse door banner that was out of place caught her eye. So – Mickey Mouse it is. Of course, the store’s credit card machine was busted so we left without getting anything. Thankfully, Amazon saved the day and everything should get here next week.

Nap time wasn’t really nap time – she didn’t sleep but didn’t make tons of noise, either. I did some laundry, bought the party supplies, went through my photos from the park, and did the dishes I’d ignored last night.

If you asked about work, I’d tell you how it was an odd week because I had training one morning, was at an all-day program review one day, and had both a company meeting and a big discussion to facilitate yesterday. I’m glad it’s the weekend so I can chill and knit, even if Lizzie often doesn’t want to let me do either. I’m also hoping to get a few creative projects fully finished.

What’s on your mind this weekend? Tell me in the comments or post your own Weekend Coffee Share Post with the hashtag #weekendcoffeeshare.

Weekend Coffee Share

In an attempt to find something to write about today, I’m turning to another idea from a fellow blogger, this time from Part Time Monster. It’s called Weekend Coffee Share. You write what you’d say to a friend if you were having coffee on a weekend afternoon; what’s going on in your life and/or what’s on your mind.

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you that I’m happy that Lizzie is asleep. It’s been a hard day, dealing with her. She chose me as her favorite parent for the day so barely left my side from when I got up to when Matt her to sleep. She sat on me on the couch or snuggled right next to me until she needed to get ready. She insisted that I sit on her little stool right next to the tub while she bathed. I had to sneak awake to get dressed in another room – perfectly timed with her dad coming down stairs to ensure her distraction. She didn’t nap at all, constantly making noise until I gave up and let her out of bed. (Yeah, she still won’t get out of bed on her own, despite being in a Big Girl Bed.) She followed me around as I framed and hung new photos and re-arranged old ones. Then she did lots more sitting on me on the couch while Matt made dinner – dinner that wound up taking longer than he expected and she didn’t eat any of.

But, again, she’s asleep now and I’m happy to be able to do my own thing. No one on top of me or at my heels or talking all the time or demanding to watch Hibe (The Hive) or Maya Bee (Maya the Bee). I can just be. Or, crazy thought, go to the bathroom alone!

If you have kids that are older, you’d tell me that this phase ends, that she’ll choose Matt as the favorite parent or she’ll get too big to want to be held. And that I’ll miss her come Monday when I’m at work, alone behind my desk. Right now, though, it’s really nice.

If we kept talking, we’d probably talk about the election. If we have different political leanings, you’d mention it with something non-confrontation like “I can’t believe he won.” If we have the same political leanings, it’s probably be a comment a bit something more like “I can’t believe he won. What do we do now?” You’d seem either afraid or empowered to do something in response. Unless you’re my high school friend LL, you’d talk about donating to a charity that supports women, minorities, etc; if you are LL, you’d talk of participating in the Million Women March.

I’d laugh awkwardly, either way. It’s not something I want to discuss, with anyone, really. Not anymore. I’m no longer angry. Or in disbelief. Just sort of numb. Not yet to the point where I feel like I’m going to do much of anything but trust that things won’t be as bad as we all think they’ll be. But that I should, that I feel guilty.

I may point out that I can’t get a single line out of my head: Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. That the line is to the tune from a song we sang in church choir when I was in middle school. We sang that song after serving in a homeless shelter in the middle of our annual tour, where we sang in other churches in our denomination. How I still remember how magical that day seemed. Like maybe we were doing something that mattered.

But you’re having coffee with me, I’d not want to linger on the topic for long. I’d make some joking sort of comment about how the election results weren’t all bad, that it’s meant I’ve had lots of energy to focus on knitting. That I finished the first sleeve on my sweater…and tried it on to find out that it makes my arms itch like crazy. I posted this on Facebook and a former coworker has already claimed it, though she’s much taller and thinner so it may be too big yet too short. The sweater is up on my desk in my office, in timeout.

Instead, I’m working on a hat for some coworker, using a pattern a friend designed (the friend happens to be Olga Buraya-Kefelian, the pattern Roku). It’s a sort of mustard but not yellow and going slowly with all of the ribbing but the 16″ needle I got this morning is making me a bit faster than the 24″ one I had on hand when I started. I want to make a whole box of hats, bring them into work, and let the guys I work with choose which one they’d want. Guys are always hard to knit for, all they want is boring hats. That’s why I’m starting with the yellow one.

What would you talk about with a friend, over coffee, this weekend?