Week in Review: 29 July – 4 August, 2018

This week went very quickly, mostly because of how nuts work has been lately. It involved a late evening at work for me and one for Matt, so one dinner out and one lazy dinner. But, we survived!

Life of Lizzie

We finally got the “It’s ok to get out of bed” clock set up after she woke up a 3:30 on Wednesday morning and was downstairs, drinking her milk before we realized. Matt got the honor of putting her very angry self back. Thankfully, she doesn’t remember this at all and the clock has worked well the last few days.

Lizzie had lots of extra energy the other night and asked to be taken to a playground. Well, it had just rained so everything was all wet. She came up with the solution on her own: play area at the mall. So, I took her after dinner and she had a grand time running around and sliding down the watermelon and surfing the orange slice (thanks, Barbie: Life in the Dream House for teaching her about surfing).


(She does have shorts on, but they’re shorter than her shirt.)

On the Needles

I already wrote about my two FOs, so I won’t blather on about that. As is typically my style, I started about a million things to celebrate, only a few of which worked out.

There’s the hat for Lizzie, being knit in very! bright! green! of her choosing. It’s using the Barley Light pattern from Tin Can Knits. I’m hoping to have enough yarn to make a matching one for her BFF next door. The yarn is Woolen Boon’s Boon Classic in the colorway Summer Vibes.


I started a very pink shawl for a friend who did not have the best week. She lovessss pink. I’m using one of my favorite patterns ever, Dotted Rays by Stephen West. The yarn is from Periwinkle Sheep, I think. I think the color is named Hot Mama. Finding out would take, you know, effort. I plan to knit this until I use up the remainder of a ball from making another of the same exact pattern plus another half skein or so, maybe more. The recipient is quite tall and I want to make sure the FO is of an appropriate size for her body.


Third new start is a shawl for another coworker, whose favorite color is purple and has a sort of funky style. I’m making one of the patterns from Hunter Hammerson’s Curls books, Chicanery. The yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in Smoke on the Water that I got for 40% off at my LYS. I’m hoping it winds up a decent size, despite the low yardage (405 yards).



Only one real adventure this week and it was one I went on alone. I went to the DC Pen Show yesterday. While it was lovely to see a few folks from my online pen pal group and check out the merchandise, I don’t think I’ll attend in the future. It was very crowded and, though I should have expected it, almost all of the pens for sale were out of my budget. And I’m just not *that* into fountain pens. Sure, they’re really nice to write with and all of the different colors of ink are fun but I’m not at all to the level of obsession as most of the other attendees. (I did pick up a cheap Pilot Kakuno, some burnt orange Pilot ink, and a flexible notebook with a rocket on it.)


  • Cookbook Grand Cucina Latina’s recipe for ropa vieja – best recipe we’ve tried for one of my favorite Cuban dishes
  • Re-discovered Chick-fil-a Diet Lemonade
  • Everyone takes their kids to the mall on a rainy Thursday night
  • Kelborne Woolens linen/cotton blend Mojave
  • Work thing: how to add data to the edges of Activities in Rhapsody


Oye. Ugh. Sigh.

A few very non-productive work meetings this week. You’d think I’d learn no one wants to actually provide the first version of something. It’s easier to simple criticize what others have drafted. Lesson learned for next week.

One of my wisdom teeth decided it was finally time to start growing in. Now I know why Lizzie was always so testy when she was teething. Advil makes the aggravation tolerable enough.

A Better Me

I didn’t walk nearly as much as I wanted to this week, mostly because of the busy work week. I did wander around the outlets yesterday but that wasn’t even a lot of steps. Down another 1.6 pounds for the week (9 pounds total). Figured out I’m going to start reintroducing foods on the 13th and am already dreaming of cheese.

On Tap

  • Weekend trip to Shenandoah with college friends and their adorable kid
  • Finishing Lizzie’s hat
  • Starting a writing challenge with friends (subject for a later post)


Have a great week!

Watching the Wrong Things

Sometimes, I don’t know how to start a blog post. Every starting sentence feels contrived to make things seem more exciting than the topic really is. And this isn’t a story so I can’t just pick some random point to start from and get back to the beginning at some point. The topic feels like it needs an introduction. Something formal, to prepare you for what’s to come. But nothing seems right.

I could have started with: I have been watchful, but have found myself watching the results rather than the cause. You’d think I was talking about politics. Maybe global warming. Maybe the possibility of a new war due to ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State. Some big, universal issue that I should be participating in, not something extremely personal.

But, it couldn’t be more personal: My weight.

I’ve been watching it for awhile now. Watching it get higher, that is. Watching (and feeling) my clothes get tighter. Watching my double-chin get double-r. Watching my doctor make a sour face when she sees the numbers get larger between visits.

I was one of the lucky ones. I only gained 15 pounds when I was pregnant and was back to my birth weight within a week of when my daughter was born. I fit into all of my old clothes – well, almost all, some tops were too small due to, well, due to my then-expansive chest. I was pumping so I even got to eat 500 extra calories, like when I was pregnant.

Except I stopped pumping in early June and have still been eating those 500 extra calories on many days. And I haven’t been exercising in any way other than a little bit of carrying and running after Squirms which, really, doesn’t amount to a whole lot. I’m still only up 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight but I know I am larger than I was then, and not just because of how my body has shifted post-pregnancy.

My focus must change, then. To watching not my weight – insert lecture on fat versus muscle density – but to watching what it is I do that impacts my weight, my size, my energy level, and how I feel about how I look. There’s also the health size but my stats tell me I’m pretty decent, only marginally into territory where a huge change in my habits is necessary.

Today is the day. Today is the day I start paying attention to what I eat and make healthy choices. I’ve made those choices in the past and know how to make myself choose them. Matt knows how to support me such that I don’t feel guilty for making bad choices but empowered to make good ones. Squirms needs a good example of how to eat healthy foods and quantities. My work even has a great discount on the program I have used before to great success.

I will watch what I eat.

I will watch how much activity I’m getting.

I will watch as my self-esteem improves because of the side-effects of those choices.

I will watch the right things.