WIP Wednesday – Sweater Weather

I swore I would never make a sweater for myself again. See, I had horrible luck with them. The last few that I made, oye, just did not work. I completed almost the entire sweater, only to realize that the front pieces were too long or the whole thing was too short or my gauge swatch had lied. Each one was placed in a grocery bag, tossed in my closet for a few months, and eventually tossed when I decided I just couldn’t deal with fixing it.

So why, then, did I suddenly decide to start one? For myself? In a thin fingering weight yarn?

Because, well, I am a bit crazy. I’d been spending months making things for others – shawls/cowls for coworkers, hats for friends, socks for family, and dishcloths for anyone who would take them. Perhaps I needed to be selfish for awhile – a long while, due to the whole tiny, thin yarn thing.

I’m making myself a Featherweight Cardigan in BC Garn Semilla Fino on the color Ox. It’s gone rather fast, with my splitting out the sleeves after 48 hours and now at about 5″ past that just three days later.

Here it was on Monday, when I could actually get a halfway decent photo.

I’m halfway hopeful it’ll be done by the end of November. It’s certainly possible, time-wise, but I worry I may lose interest or run out of yarn or something goes wrong with it.

But, for now, I’m really enjoying it.

Mini Fun

I’m trying to be good and wait to actually start my Clapotis for the KAL on the start date, but I faced a problem last week. I quickly bored of making coasters. This left me with over a week of having nothing to knit that was calling me.

When we headed off to Shenandoah, I grabbed the first two colors in one of the gradient kits I picked up at NFC with no real idea as to what I wanted to do with it. On the way out, I racked Ravelry to look for ideas. Eventually, I decided to make a gradient version of Brickless, one of my absolutely favorite patterns.

But I miscalculated. At my gauge, I ran out of yarn after 4 of the required 6 repeats. While I did consider going in pattern until I completed the second ball – a deep orange – it just didn’t seem right.

An idea was born. Make little shawls for the little girls in my life. What little girl wouldn’t want a fun little thing to throw around their neck? Plus, they’re so small they won’t take much time but large enough to feel like an accomplishment.

Okay, so it wasn’t totally my idea. I’d already made one for a coworker’s daughter at her request, using the Imagine When pattern but stopping affter the third triangle.

I have no great FO photos of this one yet as Lizzie is currently in bed, sick and showing it on me just winds up looking silly. I do, however, have a few WIP photos and a silly car-wearing FO shot.

An earlier shot of the knit in progress. A later WIP – but still taken on the dashboard view – was in my BRB post last Saturday.

Yeah, the crazy person in the reflection is me. I had a nice, lovely field of grass I could have used but was being rushed by a certain tiny blonde human.

Up next: Using leftovers to make a tiny version of Sakura or maybe Imagine When or maybe….

WIP Wednesday #6

I haven’t been knitting much…at all. Or, more specifically, not making lots of forward progress with my knitting.

I started by pulling out the hat I talked about last time and fiddled with a few ideas but none really suited me. Wound up cutting off from the cakes the part that had been knit over and over again and put it back in the stash.

After a few days of nothing really going on, I decided to use up my leftover stash and make little coasters and/or display objects. I just bought myself a copy of Knitting All¬†Around Stitch Dictionary and it really made me want to try out some different patterned stitches. (The whole coaster idea was hers, so don’t give me credit for it.)

I’ve finished two, so far, and have started a third (not pictured). They’re fun and portable and small so I feel accomplished quite quickly.

And, well, that’s it. My entire knitting progress. Two and 1/3rd little squares.

What are you guys working on right now?

Knitter’s Confessional

I spent a day at home this week, watching a sick Squirms and, during her many naps, found myself with time to actually cull through my stash and get an accurate look at the various projects I have in progress.¬†Which leads me to this post. I have a few confessions to make. These are things I’ve kept to myself, too afraid to mention out loud.

1. I do not like acrylic yarns. As such, I’m going to give the few balls of acrylic I’ve collected to a family member this afternoon. She likes to work with it, they’re great colors, so why not?

2. Knitting in the round is zero fun unless a) you’re making socks or b) you’ve got enough stitches on the needle that you don’t have to constantly fiddle with the cable. I pulled out multiple projects in progress this week because they didn’t meet these criteria and, boy, am I happy about this.

There’s the doily in superfine cotton I got in Spain a few summers back.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

…a combination cowl/shawl thing in pretty yarn

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

…and a tiny baby sweater that was bottom-up and too fiddly to want to deal wtih

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

3. Colorwork just isn’t for me. I started on this colorwork hat in fingering weight yarn, oh, early 2012. Maybe done ten rounds on it since that first push to make it. Now frogged. Not quite sure what, if anything, I’ll do with the yarn I recovered as, well, it was half knit up for three years.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

4. I should stop attempting to make myself a sweater. If I really want a hand-knit sweater (see number 5), I can find someone to knit one for me in exchange for three pairs or socks or something. I tossed the February Fitted Pullover pieces as that was my second attempt on that pattern and that yarn had already tried to be two other sweaters for me previously. Then there’s this Every Last Year attempt.

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5. I’ve broken three size 7 needles in the last year. I called my LYS and, apparently, they’ll replace broken needles. At least I only lost $20 or so as I buy cheap ones.

So, fellow knitters – have anything to confess?


It’s Saturday and Matt took Squirms with him to the farmer’s market, so you’d think I had tons of time and inspiration to write. And I do – just, it’s nothing that’s complete in any sort of way that I can post it. Instead, I bring you an update on my current WIP.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It’s the socks I started ten or so days ago. The pattern is pretty simple, just knits and purls but it took until I got to the heel (these were done toe-up) to actually memorize it. And I was good and started the second sock right away, so I didn’t put it off. Because, as we all know, second of anything takes lots of motivation to complete.